Monday, October 26, 2009

Historical Fiction Picture Books

Just a heads up to you students that so far I have identified only 127 historical fiction picture books in our collection. While I expect to find some more as I go through our picture books one at a time, I wanted to ask you to please be considerate of your fellow classmates while working on this genre. We have about 60 students in Stephenville taking this class, as well as a few students in the Fort Worth and Weatherford classes that use the Dick Smith Library regularly. Rather than checking the books out, please try to use the books on site in the library, or check another library if you have access to one.

Historical fiction at the Dick Smith Library that I've identified so far is listed here:
Please note that this list also includes about 100 chapter books; read the tags carefully.

These books will start going on display on Thursday, October 29. Today I ordered 30 more historical fiction picture books, but unfortunately these won't be in before your assignments are due.

Librarians at school or public libraries should be able to help you find additional historical fiction titles in their collections. Please don't hesitate to ask them (or me) for help!
Amanda Pape
Special Services Librarian II

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