Saturday, April 19, 2008

LibraryThing and genre lists

Please take a look at the previous post. LibraryThing (one post down) is a website that allows you to create a catalog of books. I have used it to list the 177 books most recently added to the children’s literature collection; books that are NOT yet included on the genre lists in the wiki.

I am hoping that LibraryThing will be a little easier to use than the genre lists. The post just before (below) this one explains how to use it to find books in particular genres and types.

PLEASE give me some feedback in the comments area for this post (you can do so anonymously). Does this help you? Will you use it? The reason I ask is that adding more of the Dick Smith Library’s books will require an investment of a lot of time and a little money. Before I invest more of the first and any of the second (which will need to be done when 200 books are in the list), I need to know if it’s worthwhile.

Also, let me know what you think of the genre lists (on the wiki and in the binder in the library). I have already decided that the next time I print or post them, they will be sorted by call number, to make it easier to just move along the shelves to find books. Please let me know if you have other suggestions!

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