Saturday, February 9, 2008

On Display: Poetry and Cinderella

The display area behind the reference desk on the lower level of the library has contained poetry books for the past couple weeks. This was because of your assignment to develop a poetry file with 50 poems, and because poetry is the first genre you will be covering (the week of February 18). There are still some poetry anthologies in the far left bookcase, as well as some poetry picture books to their right.

Yesterday I created a display on Cinderella versions, since you will be talking about traditional literature the week of March 3. There are Cinderella stories from other cultures, as well as parodies, modern interpretations, and other "fractured" versions. These take up the two bookcases to the right. Watch in the future as I'll be doing more fairy tale variation displays. In the meantime, here's a great site about fairy tales: SurLaLune, and a link to her Cinderella picture book gallery.

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